Tuesday, November 18, 2008
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
You will soon hear MRT ghost stories. Thanks to the many who decided to end their lives by committing suicide at the MRT stations. -.- I got nothing to say other than they are simply selfish people.

School started today. Saw almost everyone after the 12 weeks internship. I miss them hell lots. I miss walking to the bus stop. I miss taking bus 23 or 15 to school. I miss the bridge. I miss the cargo lift. I miss the LTs. I miss everything about TP. OMG. To think that I will graduate in another 3 months time, I am going to miss TP so much.

To my HTM internship 'colleagues': JIAYOU!!!

Getting lazy to update so tata.
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Friday, December 01, 2006

Firstly, I want to congrat all A&F Year 3. Yesterday or for some, today marks the end of SIP.

Got a splendid day yesterday. But idiotic me brought camera but didn't take photos. Lol.

Anyway, I just woke up. Wahahaha. Reach home late and chit chat with Michelle till 1am. Erm... lol. Ok, I am real tired. Had a small IG gathering yesterday at Sharon's condo. Haha. Lots of things happened and I watched half of "He is the man". I WANT TO WATCH THE WHOLE SHOW! Lol. Queen of Dramas wanna watch the whole show. =P

Deathnote 2 is coming soon. 28 Dec. Anyone wanna watch? Hehe. Anyway, I did watch Deathnote 1. Haha.

Ok, I have no idea what else to say so tata.
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Friday, November 24, 2006

I am catching a cold. -.-' Curse the air-con. =P

Work today is very much the same except that I saw a very pretty sight. Hehe. I saw the clouds covering a tower. Took a picture of it but too lazy to upload. =P Promise to upload tomorrow.

I chit chat with many people in the office today. Hehe. But the sad thing is I am leaving soon. -.-

Met my GM in the pantry when I went in to get some water and saw him looking out of the window. He heard me coming in and turned around with an embarassed look and laughed then he said something about cleaning the windows. That's when I realized that he is holding a piece of toilet paper and he had been wiping the windows when I entered the pantry. Oops. I interrupted his 'wiping' session. =P

Meet Steph, Shawn and Sue for dinner today. Hey, 3 Ss. Lol. Okay we are already planning on our next meetup session. =D In the meanwhile, I am tired and need my sleep so tata.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006
Just now mummy commented that I am getting rounder. Waaaaa~ But dad told me I am skinny. Erm... -.-'

Lol. I agree that I am getting a little round. Wahahaha. I need to exercise and am now weighing 45kg. Actually that is still slightly underweight but I don't really like being too round. Wahahahaha. Time to exercise. *Making a mental note*

Nothing else to update about cos I can't think now. Too sleepy. So tata.
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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Group photo of my paternal side cousins (some did not took with us). Sorry for the bad lighting. =D

My younger brother, cousin and me. Erm... I know they looked like 1 young couple but they aren't. I am trying to act cute behind them. Wahahaha.

My cousins and my younger brother again.

Lovely Hazel, I think she is my cousin not neice. Wahahaha. I come from a big family and I really have difficulties trying to make out who is who.

Her little sister, Hilda. Isn't she adorable?

The sea view from the room I stayed overnight in.

Another seaview.

The sky. So pretty.

The beach and the bbq pit. Hohoho.

The beach and the sea.

Jolly Shandy and pillows. Yum yum.

Me with my cousin, the birthday girl.

Holding her rocher bouquet. =D

I drank coke martini on Friday and Jolly Shandy on Saturday. I am getting hooked on to drinking alcoholic drinks. That's bad. Wahahaha. Too many things happened and I am just too lazy to update about it. Maybe next time. I am out of here. Tata.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006
Hurray!!! I stayed home without going out with friends this weekend. =D So happy with my little accomplishment. Wahahaha.

I have been seeing Eilin every weekend since I think the 3rd week of SIP till now and FINALLY I did not see her this week. Hohoho. BUT, I will be meeting her tomorrow. Lol.

I went to UOB on Saturday to open an account to apply for a debit card. Hey, I am not rich just that I want to separate my spending away from my savings. Haha.

Other than the UOB trip, I stayed at home all day. =D I chatted with my cousin, the one who is turning 21 this coming Friday, for 2 days straight. She is certainly making me go crazy. Lol. We joked and chit chat whatever things that come into our minds. Most of the times, she is talking non-sense and I am replying non-sense as well. Wahahaha. =P

Can't wait for this Friday. Sitting by the beach, enjoying Vodka and going crazy together with my cousins. Lol. My cousins and I can really go all crazy when we were together. In fact, since when we haven't? Wahahaha. Staying overnight and hopefully a movie marathon. =D I hope I can survive through the night without falling asleep before sunrise. Hehe. Not sure if the view at Changi will be good. Hohoho. Maybe we will go ah-gua hunting. Haha.
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